Our Beliefs

This page is a brief synopsis of the core ideas New Way Church is founded on. You don’t have to agree with everything here to worship or serve with us. In fact, we also believe that faith is an informed choice a person progressively makes over a lifetime.

So if you believe everything on this page, come and spend time with us!

And if you believe only some of what’s here, then come and spend time with us!

And if you don’t believe any of it but are open to the possibility that some part of it may be true? Yep, we want you to come spend time with us!

We share these beliefs with you not to tell you what to think, but to disclose where we are coming from ourselves.

The Lord

We believe that there is a God. He is one person: the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Jehovah, in whom is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is Love Itself and Wisdom Itself, and His Humanity is Divine.

The Word

We believe that the Lord has authority over the Church by means of His Holy Word. He reveals Himself to people by means of the truths within the Law, Prophets and Psalms of the Old Testament of the Bible, the Gospels and Apocalypse of the New Testament of the Bible, and the Doctrines of the New Church revealed by means of Emanuel Swedenborg. Together, these contain a complete revelation of Divine Truth in its own light.

Faith and Charity

We believe that love and wisdom, good and truth, and charity and faith are all dead unless married, the one to the other. This marriage is represented by the marriage of a woman with a man. When good and truth are married they produce a life of service, full of good works which ease the suffering and increase the joy of those who receive them, and of those who do them.


We believe that the Lord’s purpose for Creation is a heaven from the human race, so that He can love every person and lead each of them closer to Him into eternal happiness. To accomplish this He calls every person to regularly read His Word, pray to Him, worship Him, repent of individual sins, shun evils, serve the good in others, and so be born again in love for the Lord and His children.

The Second Coming

We believe that the Second Coming of the Lord predicted in the Bible is not a future natural cataclysm, but rather a spiritual event that has already taken place. The revelation of the deeper truths hidden within the Word constitutes the Second Coming of the Lord.

The General Faith of the Church

It is the universal faith of the church that the Lord from eternity, who is Jehovah, came into the world to gain control over the hells and to glorify His own human nature. If He had not done this, not one mortal could have been saved; those who believe in Him are saved.

It is universal to the faith to believe that God is one in essence and in person, to believe that in God there is a divine Trinity, and to believe that the Lord God the Savior Jesus Christ is God. It is universal to the faith to believe that if the Lord had not come into the world not one mortal could have been saved. It is universal to the faith to believe that the Lord came into the world to separate hell from the human race, and that He accomplished this by repeatedly doing battle with hell and conquering it. In this way He gained control over it, forced it back into the divine design, and made it obey Him. It is universal to the faith to believe that He came into the world to glorify the human nature He took on in the world, that is, to unite it to its divine source. This is how He keeps hell eternally in its place and in obedience to Himself. Since this could not have been accomplished except by allowing His human nature to be tested, including even the ultimate test, the suffering on the cross, therefore He underwent that experience. These are universal points of faith regarding the Lord.

For humanity’s part, it is universal to the faith to believe in the Lord, for a person’s believing in Him gives them a partnership with Him, and through this partnership comes salvation. To believe in Him is to have confidence that He saves; and because only those who live good lives can have such confidence, this too is meant by believing in Him.

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