Living Courageously

Living Courageously




Be courageous!

One of the most courageous things we can do in life is look within, discipline the mind, and strengthen our connection with the Lord so that we can serve others.

You are invited to join this program at New Way Church!

This seven-week program, starting Sunday, October 13th, will provide you with an opportunity to look at your spiritual life and to discover how the profound insights of a biblical story can support your spiritual path.

Together we will explore the story of the prophet, Elijah, a man who was called to speak truth to power. Through talks every Sunday morning and discussions one evening per week, we will look at the deeper meanings held within this fascinating story. Along the way we will spend time on the following themes:

  • Becoming Aware – Notice your thoughts and behaviors.
  • Serving God First – Practice genuine kindness.
  • Finding New Truth – Read and meditate on sacred scripture.
  • Making a Choice – Determine your higher purpose and live it with passion.
  • Finding Courage – Listen for the still small voice of the Lord.
  • Convicted by Conscience – Flex your spiritual muscle; strenghten your will to follow the Lord.
  • Living Courageously – Go forward living courageously with strength and purpose.

To sign up, just come to New Way Church (1921 Cedar Bend Dr, Austin, TX 78758) at 11 a.m. on Sunday, October 13th. Or if you can’t make it that day, send an email to You can also sign up through our Meetup group, “The Conversation“.

As always, come just as you are, and bring a friend!


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2 Responses to Living Courageously

  1. Holly Motley says:

    I’m looking forward to it, reading ahead (as I’m prone to do) has already given me insight into the week ahead. Hmmm… Go figure :) I Love when we do our programs I always learn so much. Thank You for another awe-inspiring learning experience. God Bless New Way Church!!!!

  2. I hope I will enjoyed living-courageously, as well as how you will enjoyed
    My website products. God bless you all for your gracious services throughout the world.

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