What’s So Special About the Bible?

Many people have asked the question, “What’s so special about the Bible?” Maybe you’ve asked it yourself once or twice.

Even those who do not read it generally acknowledge that the Bible has had an enormous impact on human society over the past couple thousand years. But why has it been so influential?

Parts of it are quite violent. Parts of it are terribly confusing. Some parts of it are downright weird the first time you encounter them. But there are also parts that are beautiful. Parts that are wise yet clear at the same time. Parts that change lives.

One of my core beliefs is that the Bible is one of the ways God has of connecting with each one of us. And God being God–unceasingly loving and infinitely wise–there is more to his Word than at first meets the eye. Some of it is straightforward, yes; but some of it requires a lot of effort to decipher.

For almost as long as the Bible has existed, many have suspected that it contained hidden meanings, messages that could be decoded if only one had the key. Parts of it are so obviously metaphorical that no one argues otherwise; some parts are directly¬†labeled¬†as “parables” in the text itself. A parable is a story with multiple meanings.

So what if the entire Bible is a parable? What if the stories and poems it contains have multiple layers of meaning? This doesn’t do away with the plain, obvious layer of meaning we all get from reading the text at face value, but rather suggests that there is more. We just have to look deeper.

And the Bible itself provides hints that can guide you in how you read it.

Are you open to looking at this sacred text in this way? Are you interested in learning a new way to read the Bible? Come check us out at New Way Church, where we worship Jesus Christ, serve others, and read the Bible looking for all the layers of wisdom that it contains.


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