Digging Deep Into the Christmas Story

...unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given...

This year, at New Way Church, we will be digging in deep into some of the well-known parts of the story of Christmas.

Every week we will celebrate the coming of the Lord into the world with great music, prayer, and readings from the Gospels. And along the way we will be looking at the deeper truths revealed within the Lord’s Word. On one level, the story of Christmas is the story of how the Creator of the universe took on a natural, bodily form so that he could walk among us, two millenia ago. But when we look deeper we can also see how it is also about how he is still working to come into your life personally, and connect with you on a human level.

Join us this year as we read about and meditate on the following stories:

  • Nov. 25: Gabriel Appears to Zachariah
  • Dec. 2: Gabriel Appears to Mary
  • Dec. 9: Mary Visits Elizabeth
  • Dec. 16: John the Baptist is Born
  • Dec. 23: Jesus Christ is Born, and Angels Appear to Shepherds
  • Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve): Wise Men Follow a Star

We look forward to seeing you this Christmas season. As always, come as you are!

(Also note: there will be NO SERVICE ON DECEMBER 30th, 2012.)


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