The Path of Integrity

The Path of Integrity

What kind of person do you want to be?

At times, we all find ourselves wandering off the path of integrity. We know this because we feel stuck, or have a hard time hearing our inner voice. We may obsess about outward things like the shape of our bodies, or the items we possess. We may laugh when we mean to cry, say yes when we mean no, refuse to look at our mistakes, or give “love” with lots of strings attached. So how do we step back on track? How do we become empowered, joyful and clear of purpose? Explore the Biblical story of Joseph and his brothers, and discover the meaning it has for you on your own journey. The story of Joseph reminds us that even when our dreams have been thrown in a pit, that those dreams can be revived, and can show us the way to our own path of integrity.

his program will help you find your way back to the path of integrity. By looking at yourself honestly and making positive changes, you will find yourself reconnecting to God and remembering who you really are: radiant, wise, loving and whole. As you act from this higher place within, your inside and outside will align, creating a strength of character that can withstand the toughest pressure. As you walk the path, your words and actions will bless others. You’ll experience healing of the brokenness within and around you. Explore the Biblical story of Joseph and his brothers, and discover the meaning it has for you on your own journey of living with integrity.

The Path of Integrity is a seven-week spiritual growth program, starting Sunday, October 7th. It involves weekly worship, daily readings, and weekly small group meetings, all centered around the Biblical story of Joseph. During the seven weeks, you will explore what it means to:

  1. Listen to Your Dream
  2. Drop the Distractions
  3. Create Positive Experiences
  4. Ask for Help
  5. Take Responsibility
  6. Have Compassion
  7. Celebrate the Blessings

All with God’s help and the support of a community of people on the journey with you.

Want to get involved with a small group? We have one official open group that will be meeting at the church, every Wednesday at 7 p.m., starting October 10th.

To get involved, email, or, better yet, come visit us on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m, at 1921 Cedar Bend Dr, Austin, TX 78758.

Come as you are, and bring a friend!


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