Membership Classes

Membership Classes begin this weekend! We will have our first membership class, New Way Church Membership 101, Part 1, this Saturday, September 8th, 2012, at 2pm. The class and discussion will last for two hours, and takes place at our regular place of worship.

Keep in mind, at New Way Church, we value participation over membership. It is more important to us that you participate in the life of the church than you sign on as a formal “member”. The Lord’s kingdom doesn’t have members, but willing participants.

So why a membership class? New Way Church is a Texas Nonprofit Corporation, governed by bylaws and the laws of Texas and the United States. As part of our governance, we are overseen by a board of directors. The current board is made up of those who formally incorporated the church. In the future, though, board members will be elected by our “official” membership. These classes are part of the requirement for that membership.

At these classes (there are two parts, each two hours long), we will discuss the church’s teachings, values, practices and membership expectations. Anyone is welcome to participate, even if you do not in the end seek to become a formal “member”.

So even if you don’t care about budgets and board meetings and voting and all that, I think you can get something useful out of participating in these discussions. I hope to see you there!

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