Reset, Recharge, Relaunch!

New Way Church is coming up on it’s first anniversary of weekly worship gatherings! It’s amazing to think where we’ve come. This time last year, we were wondering what might come of our efforts.

Well, now we know! In the last year, many new friends have been made, new lessons have been learned, and good things have been done for our neighbors. And now, we are looking forward to what might happen in 2012.

God’s Word teaches us about the necessity of regularly examining ourselves, looking for ways to improve, and going forward prayerfully to lead new lives. When we do this spiritually, it’s called repentence. And it is part of the process of being reshaped and remade by the Lord as continually reborn Christians.

This process is the engine of spiritual growth. And it is also applicable to more natural levels, like our physical health. What’s more, the repeated cycle of self-examination, acknowledgement, ammendment and recommitment is useful for communities and organizations, just as it is for individuals.

So as part of our growth process, we are going to be hitting the pause button on our Sunday morning gatherings for a few weeks. During this time we will be concentrating on digesting the lessons of the previous year, making plans for the coming year, and exploring possible new locations, new approaches, and new programs.

But don’t worry! We will still be getting together regularly. It’ll just be more casual. During the next few weeks, there will be informal gatherings in one or two members’ homes were we will read God’s Word together, learn from one another, and enjoy connecting with everyone. More details on this will be sent out via our newsletter soon.

At the end of this process of assessment, planning and preparation we will be relaunching New Way Church! What will this relaunch bring? Hard to say, but if the past is any guide, it will come with many happy surprises.


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