The Christmas Angels

How are you preparing for the Christmas season? Shopping? Baking? Travelling? Stressing out?

Remember to take time to slow down. Enjoy spending time with friends. Take time to reflect on what Christmas really means. This year New Way Church will be going through the story of Christmas with a focus on the role played by angels, and you are invited to be part of the conversation in a casual atmosphere of worship.

When the one and only creator of the universe decided it was time to walk among us, he came down and took on the same fragile, mortal form that we all start with: he was born as a helpless infant. It was important that the world be made ready for the Lord’s arrival, and to help with that, he sent angels as his messengers:

  • An angel told Zechariah that his barren wife would soon give birth to the greatest of all prophets, John the Baptist.
  • An angel told Mary that she had been chosen to bare the Christ, Jesus.
  • An angel told Mary’s betrothed, Joseph, what was about to happen.
  • A huge army of angels appeared before shepherds in the middle of the night to announce the birth of Jesus.
  • Wise men came seeking the Christ, guided by a star that was, itself, a manifestation of a community of angels.

Who or what were these angels? Are angels among us today? This Christmas season, you are invited to participate as New Way Church looks at the role of angels in the Christams story, every Sunday morning from November 27th to December 18th, and also 5:30 p.m. Saturday, December 24th. Come enjoy a relaxed, festive atmosphere filled with Christmas music and love. Come as you are, and bring a friend!

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