PotentialSpring is the time of year when the earth comes alive with new growth and new life. At New Way Church, we’re celebrating new life this Easter–not just spring’s green–but the purposeful life of spirituality that comes from following Jesus, who came alive that first Easter.

Jesus didn’t let a nearly two-ton stone keep him down; that Easter Sunday he moved the stone and rose from the grave. Are you carrying a weight that feels like two tons: pain, hardship, un-met expectations, or guilt? If you’re exhausted from carrying life’s stones, join us at New Way Church and learn how love can set you free to live up to your potential. Discover the surprising secrets this story of death and resurrection reveal about your own life.

So this Easter, come participate in worship with us as we kick off a new, hope-filled series: Potential! This series begins at 10 a.m. on Easter Sunday, April 24th, and continues for a total of four weeks. Here are some ideas we will explore together:

  • That no matter who you are or what you’ve done, you have reason to hope.
  • Why it’s important to get real about your life, and why that’s not a totally scary thing.
  • That there’s a spiritual practice that is easy to learn but that can help you through the most challenging of struggles.
  • What it means to “take up your cross“, and how it can lead to a whole new way of looking at life.

Jesus allowed himself to be arrested, tried, tortured and executed, and then rose from the dead. Part of what he was doing was showing us a path that will lead each person to the amazing potential he sees in each of us. So take up your cross and follow the Lord by walking a new path that includes self-examination, prayer, and spiritual struggle, so that you can fulfill your beautiful potential.

And it all begins Sunday morning. Come as you are, and bring a friend!



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