The Love Secrets

What can you do to improve your relationships? What about those “challenging” people who sometimes seem hard to love? What if real love is feeling another person’s joy as if it were your own? How could that change how you liver your life?

In our first major series, The Love Secrets, we look at these questions, and more, through the lens of the four different ways Jesus said we should someone:

Love is something you do. That means there are specific things you can do to be more loving, and thus experience more love in your life. Therefore be intentional about loving others, and take active steps to become better at it, so you can increase the total happiness in the world.

We’d love to see you in person, 10 a.m. on Sundays, starting February 27th. For when you can’t make it, links to recordings of each message will be added each week. Or you can just subscribe to the podcast.

But best of all is being there in person. Come as you are, and bring a friend!




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