Launch Date Is Now February 27th, 2011

Sometimes a baby doesn’t arrive on their due date. Usually, actually. :) Well, New Way Church will not be launching on February 13th, but on February 27th, instead.

We had a meeting at my house on Saturday to discuss how things have been going and to look at our upcoming launch date. After hearing a lot of great input and a wide range of opinions, I told the group assembled there that I would take it all into consideration, and spend today (Sunday) in reflection and in prayer. And in the end, my instincts, my reason, all the data, the various oddities of the calendar, and my sense of the Lord’s leading all are in agreement: it is better to delay our launch, but by only two weeks.

In addition to moving the launch from the 13th to the 27th, we are adding two more unadvertised worship gatherings. So while we are only adding a little time, we are adding a great deal more “practice time”.

So our schedule going forward is to have worship gatherings on the following Sundays:

January 16
February 13
February 20
February 27 (LAUNCH!)

What does this do for us? Well, it gives us a little more time to nail down everything we do on Sunday. How we’ve been going so far works for the size we are, but once we start advertising we will need to be ready to handle larger crowds, and there are a couple of areas we still need to tighten up.

I am completely confident that this adjusted timeline is just what we need to be successful. And I am rock solid in my confidence that the Lord will make great things happen, no matter what schedule we follow, provided we move forward in love for one another and for our neighbors, and put the kingdom of God ahead of our concerns for the material aspects of launching a church.

Thank you all for being a part of the New Way. Have a great week.

I hope to see you at Austin Uptown Dance (8868 Research Blvd) for worship this Sunday (1/16) at 10 a.m. Come as you are, and bring a friend!

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One Response to Launch Date Is Now February 27th, 2011

  1. Mac says:

    Okay, one important change: we will NOT be meeting for worship on January 23rd. I misspoke. We still have preview services on January 16th and on February 13th and 20th before launching on February 27th.

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