Holiday Wishes

I’m really excited about all the different ways of helping others people at New Way Church are working on this Christmas season. I’m proud to be a part of this community.

After the announcements at our last Sunday gathering, it occurred to us that there were a point or two that could be made more clear. Then I realized that there may be people who want to participate in our Christmas Wishes program who weren’t there the day it was announced. In fact, there are ways of participating even if you’re subscribing from somewhere other than central Texas.

So I’ve asked Ethan to put together an update on what we’re doing for children in the Austin area this Christmas season. Here’s Ethan:

“For those of you that did not make it to the last worship gathering: we are participating in a program put on by Partnerships for Children.  This organization takes care of abused and neglected children in Travis county, and they have given us the Christmas wish lists of some of these children.  There are several ways to participate in this.  You can choose to help sponsor a child financially, you can choose to go shopping with these funds, or on December 11th you can come with some of us to volunteer with the organization to wrap all the presents.  Or you can do any or all of the above.  We still have three wishlists that have not been taken, and we can ask for more if we want. 

Details: If you are shopping for presents they need to be put in a trash bag, NOT wrapped, and the bag should be labeled with the child’s ID number (which we will give you).  They must be dropped off by Dec. 10th at 14000 Summit Drive,  Suite 100  Austin, TX 78728.  And you should give them a call at 512-834-4756 just to make sure someone will be there to take them.  If Mac’s house (5822 Trailridge Dr, Austin, TX 78731) is closer to you, then you can drop them off there instead, but by Dec. 9th.

“Thanks for participating – it’ll be a fun thing to do together.”

So to recap:

  1. help pay for childrens’ gifts by sending a check to New Way Church (5822 Trailridge Dr, Austin, TX 78731) with “Holiday Wishes” in the memo field;
  2. get one or more kids’ wish lists by calling or writing to us now, and then deliver the presents unwrapped; and
  3. help wrap presents at the Partnerships for Children facility on December 11th.

Thanks for participating!

Are there other ways you like to bring the Christmas spirit to life for people in need? Leave a comment. We’d love to hear about it!

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