Life: What Does That Mean? Part 3: GROWTH

In August, we began our four part monthly series, “Life: What Does That Mean?” by talking about the connection between your life’s purpose, and Happiness. The Lord is Love itself, and so created you and everyone you know for the express purpose of connecting with you and making you truly, deeply happy. You and I are fulfilling our life’s purpose when we emulate our creator by trying to connect with other people in ways that bring them joy.

In September, we took a look at the meaning of life from the angle of Service. You and I weren’t put here just for our own sake. Part of the meaning of life is seeking out the good in others and finding ways to usefully serve that good. Everyone has good in them, because God is present with every person. Lovingly and usefully serving your neighbor is a way of worshiping your Creator. We followed up on the message by working in Pease Park last Saturday to help our neighbor.

Now, this Sunday we are looking at finding meaning in life through spiritual Growth.

Because sometimes being loving and useful to the people around you isn’t easy. This Sunday we continue the discussion of the meaning of life by asking the question: “What’s holding you back from fulfilling your potential? And what can you do about that?” Living a meaningful life can sometimes take hard work. Come learn a skill that will help you with the work, and hear a message that helps keep your mind focused on the amazing future the Lord has in store for you!

As we go through this monthly series, we may experiment with different locations before deciding on a long-term home. For this third worship gathering, though, we are returning to the location we used last time:

Austin Uptown Dance
8868 Research Blvd, #706
Austin, TX 78758

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Worship will be from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Since future worship gatherings may happen at other locations, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (if you don’t already) to be sure you get notified as things develop.

The dates for this series are August 29, September 26, October 24, and November 21, which are all Sundays, in case you wondered. If you find you don’t make it to all four parts, don’t worry: each of these stands alone pretty well, and I’ll be sure to recap what you missed at the beginning of each talk.

Dress is casual. Come as you are. And bring a friend!

So make a note on your calendar, sign up for our newsletter, and pass this information along to anyone else you know of in Austin who might benefit from connecting with our brand new community, here.

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